become a warlock

Tour, Compete, Celebrate 

Warlocks welcomes talented veteran men (over 50) and women (over 40).  Some opponents and tournaments have particular age restrictions, such as 55+ and 60+, but there are ample opportunities for members to play.

If you are uncertain about veterans hockey you are warmly invited to be a guest player on up to three occasions. 

Warlocks does not participate in the England Hockey leagues. Playing for Warlocks has no bearing on a person's participation in EH leagues for another club.  However, if a player represents Warlocks in an England Hockey Cup competition, they cannot play for another club in the same competition

Warlocks uses the Teamo App for the day-to-day running of the club, including the availability and selection of players for matches, payment of membership & match fees, purchase of kit. 

Membership is £20 per year (for the 2023-24 season) and match fees are £15 per game to cover pitch-hire, sustenance and administration costs. Insurance restricts guests to at most three games before the membership fee is paid. Insurance also requires all members to pay their annual fee by the due date.  

When going on a tour, all travel costs and tournament entry fees are covered by the travelling players. 

Members are to wear Warlocks kit when representing the club.  The kit is: Warlocks shirt (currently £25), black shorts and black socks with red top.

To request membership please send an email to or share your contact details with a committee member.